Leanne Ashton Coaching

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Ashton Coaching helps people thrive in life both personally and professionally.

Coaching is a powerful investment in your own potential – your greatest asset. It’s a bit like having your own GPS for life.  Ashton Coaching works with clients helping them to navigate through life’s road blocks enabling them to arrive at their desired destination.

All work is tailored to the individual.  I offer one on one coaching and ongoing support specifically designed to suit each client’s unique needs and objectives. I also work with leadership teams to accelerate their journey to high performance.  My coaching style focuses on creating clarity about what’s important, what motivates us into action, and how our actions are perceived by others.  I place a strong emphasis on developing self-responsibility and encouraging accountability for our own actions.  If we aren't getting the outcomes we want, then the question is “What can we do differently?”  

I work with people who want to master their self-awareness; gaining a sound understanding of why they behave the way they do and what motivates them into action.  With this higher level of self-awareness this can assist us to achieve our maximum potential and achieve results we never thought possible.

Let's work together

For Professional Coaching, Leadership Coaching, a guide to lead your business team through change or transitions, let's talk about working together. If you're looking for some one on one guidance to harness your true potential Ashton Coaching can help. 

If you have any questions please email leanne@ashtoncoaching.co.nz


People tell me they value my compassionate clarity and insight, along with my open and frank approach. As a trusted and qualified coach I have worked closely with people from many of Australasia’s leading corporate organisations, along with professional people and business leaders.

Currently my clients include senior managers and project advisors across a diverse range of industries, along with expatriates looking to transition successfully as they move throughout the world. As well as one to one coaching with leaders, I enjoy working with leadership teams to accelerate their journey to high performance.

Personal Training

As a qualified personal trainer and health and wellness coach I have a select group of people who I coach and train, together we are dedicated to achieving meaningful results.