“In order to understand our relationships with our people, we must first understand ourselves.” Bill J. Bonnstetter

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Development Tools

Behavioural research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. 

With this in mind Ashton Coaching offers a range of development tools as part of the coaching framework.  My clients often comment how insightful and accurate these reports are.  These reports offer invaluable insight into who we truly are, why we do what we do and the impact this can have on others.  No one tool will address all issues however, any one of these tools when combined with coaching will accelerate the process, assisting clients greatly towards achieving their desired outcomes.

TTI Insights Success Behaviour, (DISC) Profile Report

The behaviour report (DISC) gives us insight into “how” we behave and communicate. The DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) is a complex model made simple by years of research and practice. DISC identifies behavioural styles, providing us with the insight into how we can improve our communication and interaction with others. DISC profiling is used by an estimated 75% of the Fortune 500 companies because of what it delivers. It continues to be the most popular choice for professional development as well as recruitment and selection.

TTI Insights Success Motivators Profile Report

The motivator’s assessment gives us insight into “what” drives us into action. The motivators report gives us knowledge regarding what drives us into action; providing us with insight into how we view the world. In other words “why” we are motivated to do what we do. Information about our experiences, education, and training can tell us “what” we can do. The behavioural assessment (DISC) can inform us “how” we behave, communicate and perform in our environment.

TTI Insights Success Talents Insight Report:

The Talents Insight report combines the two human performance sciences (DISC & Motivators) into one report to provide a time efficient approach for helping understand ourselves and others.

The report includes:

  1. Behaviours (DISC) – “How ” we prefer to behave and communicate , and
  2. Motivators – “Why ” we are driven into action; what we are most passionate about.

This assessment has been used worldwide for:

  • Coaching and engaging employees
  • Leadership and communication
  • Creating effective, happy work environments
  • Recruitment

Corporate CoachU Personal Coaching Style Inventory (PCSI)

This PCSI assessment tool has been used since 1966 and was the first coaching instrument developed by coaches for the coaching industry. Drs. Smith and Sandstrom saw a need for understanding and mastery of interaction styles from the coaching context. This inventory is not a psychological/ personality tool. It is intended to be a self-inventory where people designate how they want to give and receive feedback and advice. This communication assessment tool helps us understand how to connect more easily in various relationships (coaches, teams, projects etc) by flexing our communication style.

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"If you want to change others, you must first change yourself."

Judy Suiter