'One of Leanne’s greatest strengths is her ability to ask good questions, peeling back the onion layers to get to the real issues.'



"I first met Leanne in 2011 while I was working in the Solomon Islands. After knowing Leanne for some time I learned she provided a Professional Training & Coaching Service and although I didn’t realise it at the time, I was in the market for professional coaching. Leanne did not have to offer a ‘sales pitch’, to the contrary, I approached Leanne to see if, and how, I could benefit from her professional coaching.

After my initial consultation with Leanne, I was enthusiastic to continue and I was fortunate that Leanne’s flexible schedule made it possible for me to attend ongoing coaching sessions. Leanne quickly alleviated an initial concern I had about the perception of someone partaking in professional coaching, confidentiality was not in question. Leanne’s initial assessment of my behavioural tendencies and what motivated me into action was so accurate it was scary, she identified things about me I thought I had kept well hidden.  This assessment was critical to craft strategies that would improve my performance. Leanne’s approachable nature and her sensitive honesty made it easy to accept constructive criticism and guidance, I wish to sincerely thank Leanne and for the significant role she has played with my recent professional development, I have no hesitation in recommending Ashton Training & Coaching for anyone considering Professional Training & Coaching."
Andrew Cook (Australia), Security Co-ordinator, GRM International, Solomon Islands

"Leanne is a coach, a mentor not a counsellor – if she considers you need the skills of a counsellor she’ll pack you off to one – and then get you back for coaching.  I liked this direct and honest approach – plus her sense of humour.  That said, I always felt I could share very personal stuff with her – in part to give her context and also to perhaps “get it out there and off my chest”.  So some sessions were more emotional than others – but they were never negative.  She asks open ended and non-judgemental questions which require you to think.  Leanne gave me practical skills and information that I have drawn on and applied to real situations down the track.  In particular Leanne gave me skills about determining boundaries and taking on only so much responsibility for when things don’t go smoothly.  Thinking through what you can “control” versus what you can “influence” is always timely.  So is thinking about challenging personal/professional interactions – finding ways to get your points across without offending or being personal but to make a point and stand up and respect yourself.  Leanne can be quite low key but by enabling you to see things for yourself it is more effective – cos you end up owning your own solutions.  I liked how Leanne got me to think about what makes me “tick” – what responses I like from people and situations and to think about how to get/attract responses that work for me.  Some people thrive on fame and fortune, others need simple acknowledgments.  Some people need to be part of something “big”, others find satisfaction in more intrinsic smaller pleasures or successes.  Leanne never judges right and wrong (cos it doesn’t exist when it comes to people – we are all different and special) and she gets that!  Maybe it’s that aspect alone that makes her a good coach.  I’d certainly recommend her."
KB, International Development Professional/Program Design and Management Leader, New Zealand/International Affairs

"I have known Leanne Ashton as a Personal Trainer for 12 months. Leanne guided me in my search for a fitter and healthier life style with the results I desired. Leanne is genuinely concerned for her clients health and fitness and this shows in her approach to advice and training. I thoroughly enjoyed the twice weekly meetings with Leanne.  I enjoyed the training as Leanne made it varied and interesting with positive results at the end, and also the advice and encouragement she gave me. Leanne has the personality and kind and calm manner that can guide people to achieve their goals."
Claire Withers, Honiara, Solomon Islands

"I have known Leanne Ashton for approximately five years.  During that time, I have twice used her coaching services.  The first sessions assisted me with moving forward with my career and the second set of sessions focussed on achieving a better work / life balance. As part of that, Leanne helped me focus on my health and well-being. This included guidance on nutrition and exercise, with a programme set up for my specific needs and what was best for me.   This helped me feel better both mentally and physically, and while at times was a challenge, was never more than I was able to deal with.  I felt more energised, in control and able to make the right choices. I would recommend Leanne for both coaching and as a personal trainer."
Jasmin Johnson, Hamilton NZ

"Each week I looked forward to our sessions and spending time with Leanne.  She has a genuine interest in you as a person and is totally caring and committed to you achieving your goals.  I loved my training time, I came away with complete personal satisfaction that I had worked hard, had fun and my goals were possible.  I have learnt heaps from Leanne and it is only because she is leaving the island that my training is going stop.  However, I now know I can do this and will continue to train and maintain my health and well-being. I would like to sincerely thank Leanne so much for all she has given me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. "
Janine Hoff, Massage Therapist, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

"When I first heard of the service you were offering I was keen to get involved. In particular; transition in to expat life. Looking back now the timing was perfect. I had been in the country for three months; while everything was going well I was worried I wasn’t doing anything and was going to have nothing to show for time I would be here. Making a list of what I wanted to get out of my time here, really helped put things in to perspective. Ignoring the small things which were not important and focussing on things which would make me happy and content.   While I only had a few sessions, they were just what I needed. They helped me be honest with myself.  Leanne, thank you for your encouragement and support."

Marjorie (Australia), Solomon Islands

"My coaching journey with Leanne began about six years ago.  I was a little nervous and sceptical because I had never done anything like that before.  My fears were brushed aside after the very first session.  Leanne made it safe to talk about the real issues.  I was amazed to find that with her expertise any of my perceived roadblocks to the achievement of my goals were navigated around or removed completely.  I have gained many skills from my sessions with Leanne that I apply across all aspects of my life.  I wouldn't be where I am today without those skills and Leanne’s support and encouragement.
Joss Hayward, Senior Advisor, Inland Revenue NZ

"I really wanted someone to help steer me through my thought process on a number of issues.  You absolutely helped me with that clarity.  You asked lots of great questions that helped me to come to my own conclusions. Often you made me laugh because I ended up in a place where I was answering my own questions. One of Leanne’s greatest strengths was her ability to ask good questions, peeling back the onion layers to get to the real issues.  Plus the fact that she is not judgmental. I loved the quotes and things you sent me in between sessions.  They would keep me focused. I also liked having homework as there was some accountability on my behalf rather than just rocking up and chatting to you. Leanne I think you are an amazing coach and I've had a reasonable amount to do with coaching over the years. Thank you for the opportunity to be coached by yourself and thank you for the work you have done with some of my Team leaders."
Debbie Lewis, Services Manager, Inland Revenue NZ