“When you really listen to another person from their point of view, and reflect back to them that understanding, it's like giving them emotional oxygen”. Stephen Covey



Ashton Coaching's approach genuinely values all clients and is built on the quest for authenticity; helping others obtain the most out of their personal and professional lives.


When you stop and think about it, life is really quite short.  Time is the one resource in life we are unable to buy more of, which is why I value living with harmony, health and work-life balance, so I can make each day count.


I take pride with upholding a strong reputation, I am fully committed to providing my clients with proven professional services, built on research and experience. When you work with me; respect and honesty are embedded in all that I say and do.  


I am fully committed to investing in continued growth and development personally and professionally. Through my own professional and life experiences I totally appreciate what it takes to transform challenges and opportunities into sustainable results.


I provide confidential independent support, guidance, and motivation for all my clients.  Honoring people’s unique differences, respecting that each client is very resourceful; having the capability to achieve the success and fulfillment in life that they seek.

Honesty and Trust

Authentically listening to others and being able to speak my truth.

I provide an environment which is safe, innovative and judgement free, providing clients with a secure environment where they may freely discover what they truly want (clarity), what they want to be different (change), and how they can design the road map forward towards the results they seek. It takes time to build trusting relationships, hence I invest time with developing relationships that are built from a place of authentic understanding and trust.

I am in this business because I love to support and collaboratively work with people who are ready for change and are seeking to maximise their potential both personally and or professionally. My coaching style is for people who want greater clarity in life and or business, who want to raise their standards, and take action, creating lasting success.

Ashton Coaching offers:

  • Proven qualified coaching services and experience.
  • On-going timely professional support and accountability.
  • Focus on detail, tools and techniques.
  • Challenges that promote healthy change, change that produces sustainable results.